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We are a company founded and located in Burgos in 1980, and since 1995, specialising in the climatization of spaces, offering satisfactory and intelligent solutions.

Know-how & expertise

Our knowledge and expertise during all these years have enabled us to offer a wide variety of short-wave infrared heaters for current needs, based on the high-quality materials used in its manufacturing process.


A&b clima is formed by a group of professionals capable of finding the best possible solution for its clients, through active interaction with them, the analysis of their needs and the joint search for the most satisfactory alternative.

High-quality tech

Using the best materials in manufacturing components as well as the latest short-wave infrared technology, in A&b clima we try to always provide our clients with the best quality, design, performance and functionality.


Our range of products has been designed to make spaces, both indoors and outdoors, comfortable and welcoming in any time of the year.

The revolutionary short-wave infrared technology in our heaters offers instant heat, wherever it is needed.

Heat through radiation goes through the air without heating it, so that the heat is directly received by people or objects in an economical. effective and immediate way. without the need for warming up and without wasting heat due to the circulation of air.

Halogen heaters A&b clima are an innovative infrared radiant heating system through which provides a solution for Hotels to terraces, as well as all kind of installations for either private, industrial, commercial or public use, also for outdoors and indoors.

Now you can also enjoy the warmth from the Sun wherever and whenever you want.

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