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Advantages of our heaters

There are many advantages our halogen heaters have got over other heating systems.

Instantaneous heat and modular design

• Instantaneous heat, receiving more than 92% of heat emission in less than a second.
• Reduced size and easy setting up.
• Ergonomic design and total modular location.
• Splash proof protection.
• Aluminium and AISI 316 steel frame and components, without any risk of corruption or oxidation.
• Aesthetic and functional.

Healthy heat

• Free of CO2 and N0x emissions.
• You do not need to use dangerous consumables.
• It does not generate dirt or noise.
• Healthy and natural heat, without fumes or harmful substances.
• It does not stir the air (ideal for people suffering from allergies).
• Comfortable feeling of being under the Sun.

Economical heat

• Efficient and economical heat. 92% of the energy is turned into heat.
• Direct heat which does not warm the air, but the people and the objects it radiates to.
• Steerable heat, acting like light, to take advantage of it wherever you need it.
• There is no energy loss due to warm-up or air rise.
• Maximum efficiency Toshiba lamps, with a duration of between 5000 and 7000 hours of use.
• It does not require maintenance.
• Energetically cheaper than any other technology.
Heat spectrum emitted by outdoor heaters

Highest quality manufactured in Spain