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A&b clima 1500

Covered terraces, agriculture and animals, rooms under construction, camping, indoor pools, beach clubs, industrial offices, roof, workshops, etc.

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Usage areas

Covered terraces, agriculture and animals, rooms under construction, camping, indoor pools, beach clubs, industrial offices, roof, workshops, etc.

Technical features

  • Power: 1.500W
  • Power supply: 230 V / 50- 60 Hz
  • Amperes phase: 8
  • Heatable surface: Up to 12 m2
  • Assembly: To wall, ceiling, post, umbrella, canopy or tripod between 1.8 and 2.5 m
  • Connection cable: 0.5 metre silicon flexible cable, with service temperature of up to 180°C and schuko type male connector
  • Package content: 1x Ayb clima 1500 caribean with fitting system and user manual
  • Lamp: Copper-colour covering. Splash proof protection and life between 5000 and 7000 operating hours
  • IP: 45
  • Weight: 2.50 Kg


  • Length: 456 mm
  • Height: 100 mm
  • Total height: 185 mm
  • Background: 156 mm
  • Max. recommended orientation : +/- 30°


Colour reference

  • White: 10151BL
  • Anthracite: 10151AN


A wide range of accessories is available to provide solutions to whichever need could arise regarding replacement, assembly or finish.


Parys Gold Splashproof Toshiba lamp with golden covering to avoid dazzle (Mediterranean models). Universal positioning and water splattering resistance. It lasts between 5000 and 7000 hours of use.

mediterranean 1000W · Ref: MC004

mediterranean 1500W · Ref: MC006

mediterranean 2000W · Ref: MC008


To ease assembling up, different types of stands have been designed, which adapt to all necessities.


Steel – Ref: 10408

The Multifunction support allows the attachment to any surface: ceiling, wall, awning profile, parasol rod, etc

In addition, this support allows you to easily disassemble the heater to keep it daily.


White – Ref: 10405

Silver – Ref: 10406

Anthracite – Ref: 10407

The T support is especially suitable for smooth surfaces such as walls and ceilings when the installation of the heater is permanent


Steel – Ref: 10409

Wall bracket extendable from 300 mm to 600 mm.

The wall bracket is particularly suitable for installation on any surface with the possibility of easily removing the heater.


Steel – Ref: 10410

Extendable support between 300 mm and 600 mm.

The awning support plate is especially suitable for wall-mounted awning bars, with the possibility of easily removing the heater for storage.


Steel – Ref: MC021


MC021 + Soporte T

The 2-heater plate can be attached to any of the supports: T, Telescopic or Multifunction, allowing two heaters to be placed together either to double the heat intensity in the area radiated or to radiate heat to both sides of the central axis of the support.


Ref: Trípode10401

Tripod-support A&B Heating weather black steel, consisting of a tripod and adjustable telescopic supports to 2.60 m, with 1.20 m bar

Maximum distance between feet: 0,80 m

Minimum height of the tripod: 1,15 m

Peak load: 25 Kg

The tripod allows placement for 1 to 4 heaters for spaces from 16 to 30 m2


According to order amounts or through supplement, there is the possibility to personalise any heater model according to RAL colours. Indicate the colour you wish and we will send a quote.




RAL – Check availability

Highest quality manufactured in Spain